Sydney’s Fur-vourite Pop-ups!

Sydney Cat Cafe operates pop up cat experiences across Sydney! Can you think of anything more perfect than curling up with a cuppa and a kitty? Or relaxing in a yoga pose with a kitten? Sydney Cat Cafe offers guests a cute and cosy opportunity to spend time with adoptable rescue cats, while they enjoy beautiful cafe drinks and snacks.

Where would you like to see our next pop up?

Since 2015, Sydney Cat Cafe has been delighting the cat-lovers of Sydney with our premium pop up events! If you love cats, we’ve got you covered.

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A pride of lovely cats waiting for you to pat, cuddle and play. We partner with Sydney-based animal shelters to adopt outgoing kitties in need of a new home.

Coffee and tea

Cats aside, what would a café be without the perfect brew? Our events always feature quality local coffee, or a “high kit-tea” with the finest locally-sourced organic teas and snacks.


Sydney Cat Café is your cat café. If you would like to be a part of creating our unique pop-up cat café experiences, please connect with us and share with your friends.

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