Is Sydney Cat Cafe open?

We are currently prowling for the purr-fect premises to open Sydney Cat Cafe permanently.

In the meantime, we’ve held some pawsome events to give Sydney cat-lovers a taste of what we’re all about.

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What is a cat café?

Picture a regular café. Now, picture it resplendent with cats of all shapes and sizes! A cat café is a café where guests can come to relax and spend time with resident cats, who live permanently at the café. The concept originated in Taiwan, and has since spread the globe. Now it’s Sydney’s turn to get on board the cat café revolution!

How does it work?

Think rent-a-feline. Cat-loving customers pay an hourly cover charge and in return enjoy the company of these delightful creatures. The proceeds go toward the upkeep of the cats and their home, making customers their patrons.
A selection of beverages and homemade treats will be available for purchase. Since we don’t want to overwhelm our furry friends, there will be a capacity and bookings will be welcome.

Why open a cat café in Sydney?

So many Sydneysiders love cats, but are unable to own one due to the pressures of work, time and financial commitment or property rental restrictions. Sydney Cat Café combines this city’s rich café culture with this need, allowing you to step into a cat sanctuary without the demands of permanent ownership.

Where will Sydney Cat Café’s cats come from?

We partner with rescue organisations in Sydney to give deserving kitties a home. Our furry residents will be scouted out based on their quirks, outgoing personalities and adorable features!

Can I do cat yoga at the cafe?

We loved hosting you for our ‘Cats on Mats’ kitten yoga event, and will definitely be holding classes on a regular basis at the cafe once we open our doors!

Can I be a part of Sydney Cat Cafe?

We love to connect with fellow cat-people!

If you are interested in working at Sydney Cat Cafe when we open, please send a resume and cover email to info@sydneycatcafe.com.au and we will be in contact when we are looking for cat-astic staff!

If you are a brand or business and are interested in working with us, please email us at info@sydneycatcafe.com.au.

Interesting in owning part of Sydney Cat Cafe? Please click here to access information for investors.

When? Where?!

At present we can’t be too specific with timing, as our open date will depend on finding the perfect premises, so we can bring you a perfect cat café!